06/06/2014 06:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Are Easily The Most Annoying Things You Can Do Around Your S.O.

On Thursday, folks over on the Ask Reddit forum shared the one thing their significant does that is so horrifyingly annoying, it makes them consider ending the relationship right then and there.

Below, we've assembled some of the most repellent replies of all. All we can say is that nothing has ever given more credence to the whole "love is patient and kind" thing than this.

1. "The one thing that gets to me is when she eats cereal. I almost have to leave the room. The sounds her mouth makes are best equated to a running washing machine filled with mayonnaise and rocks. It makes me nuts." -vinzclortho37

2. "HAIR. In the sink, in the shower, in my underwear. I'm getting the chills just thinking about it." -bigslacker10

3. "*Indistinguishable mumbling*"

"What's that?"

"Oh, nothing.." -DJFlabberGhastly

4. "When we are in public, if there's music playing, he will grab both of my arms, hold them in the air and wave them about like I'm dancing. I look like a crazy puppet." -sequinweekend

5. "He loves to quote movies and do impersonations. Especially from 'Trailer Park Boys' and 'Donnie Brasco' -- even when we are getting intimate. He knows it pisses me off, so when he starts, he will keep going for a good five minutes." -BlueHibi

6. "Says 'acrost' instead of 'across,' and 'drownding' instead of 'drowning.' She spells it fine and can pronounce both correctly if asked. It's like my own little slice of hell." -AhMicCheck1212

7. "She posts 'inspirational' work-out quotes on Facebook." -homewreckerbby

8. "He uses lᅢᄅ un-ironically in place of 'the' because he thinks it's cute. EVERY TIME. He also calls me 'm'lady' sometimes. Cringe-inducing to the max." -bjdevall

9. "She refers to any kind of restroom visit as 'going potty.'" -afeastforgeorge

10. "He 'puts things into soak' in our kitchen sink -- except he won't wash them afterward. He just leaves them in for WEEKS. It ends up becoming rancid moldy, smelly water with bits of vile food floating around in it. It's just disgusting." -sweetprince686

11. "She thinks it's pronounced 'Vietmanese.'" -itisdevin

12. "My boyfriend never wears his seat belt when he drives. I make him put it on when we are in my car. Frustrates me to no end. His reason? 'Seat belts will kill you.' No, sir, cars kill people." -MeLdArmy

13. "I'll be watching TV in the living room and my wife finds me, sits next to me and decides to watch Instagram videos on full volume next to me." -RHYMES_WITH_AGINA

14. "He yells and gets huffy when he plays League of Legends. Sometimes I have to leave the room because I'm afraid I'll stop being attracted to him completely." -amymone_

15. "She's Australian, and she's white. Sometimes she says things in an attempted 'ghetto' accent. No. You're 33, your skin is pale and you live in a suburb." -lollibearr

16. "My boyfriend face dances. He doesn't know how to dance to music so he overcompensates by wildly singing the song. It wouldn't be that bad except that he does it even if he doesn't know the words to the song. He will make pretend singing mouth motions even if he has never heard the song before in his life. We don't go dancing together very often." -GreenWithLove

17. "My girlfriend calls me on her cell while she eats." -bigfoot_boy

18. "She poops with the door open." -Killswitch401

Game over. That guy wins.

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