06/07/2014 06:46 pm ET Updated Jun 07, 2014

Little Benjamin, A Baby Lovebird, Took Overcoming Obstacles To New Heights

This is the moving story of Little Benjamin, a lovebird chick suffering from splayed leg syndrome.

Little Benny survived only because his humans took good care of him and because his older brothers and sisters amazingly pitched in to feed the lil' guy, while his parents mostly ignored the runt. Talk about some serious sibling love.

Enjoy the heartwarming story above of the little-bird-that-could, and be reminded that despite our differences, we all deserve a chance to soar.

Go Benny, go!

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  • This is Goose right after being helped out of his shell. Not much to look at right now, but just wait ...
  • ... here he's all fluffy and adorable!
  • Duck is friends with Roberts' dog, Blue.
  • "I was hesitant to let the dog near Goose at first as I did not know how well they would get along. As it turns out they both loved each other," Roberts wrote on Imgur. "The dog would lie there licking the duck, and the duck would run after the dog anywhere he went and peck at him constantly."
  • At 2 months old, Goose started getting his mature coloring, but his sex was still uncertain.
  • When Goose's colors came in, he turned out to be a male duck.
  • "Now that he is old and can look after himself a bit better he lives outside with our chickens, with whom he has also grown attached to as he walks around with them as if he is one of them."
  • This is one happy rescue duck! Goose is now fully grown and his owner says he plans to get more ducks for him to be friends with in the future.