06/09/2014 06:05 pm ET Updated Jun 09, 2014

Referee Starts World Cup Hockey Game Before Opposing Team Can Take The Field (VIDEO)

No matter how good your players may be, they aren't worth much if they aren't on the field.

When Belgium took a longer than allotted half-time break during Saturday's 2014 Women's Hockey World Cup game against Korea, determined referees started the second half without the team.

Dramatic footage of the game, published on YouTube by the International Hockey Federation, shows members of the Belgian team scramble from their locker room onto the field, hurriedly grabbing their field hockey sticks from the bench as the whistle blows, initiating play. A full 17 seconds elapse before Belgium's keeper, trundling across the field, reaches her defending goal, at which point she's almost immediately challenged with a shot.

Fortunately for Belgium, reports FIH, Korea failed to score on the shorthanded team, though Korea did go on to ultimately win the match 4-2.