06/09/2014 03:54 pm ET

It Only Took A Massive Tornado To Bring This Couple Back Together

Divorce and different life paths kept Sally Adams and Paul Palmer apart for decades. But a massive tornado swept them back into each other's arms.

In the USA Today video above, Adams recalls taking refuge in her basement as a massive tornado tore through her hometown of Joplin, Mo. three years ago. When she came back up, Adams took stock of her losses.

"My home was gone, my car was gone, I had no family there and you could not find a place to live there; you couldn't even find a motel room," the 78-year-old remembers.

Without a second thought, Adams called Paul Palmer, the ex-husband she'd been back in contact with since the death of her second husband.

Palmer made a bold proposal during the phone call: "She didn't have any family there and she didn't have a place to live so I sort of opened the door and said, 'Why don't you move down here to Tennessee?"

Not long after that, the pair decided to remarry -- a decision Adams gives the tornado partial credit for.

"It blew me down here," Adams says with a laugh.

Watch the video above for more on the couple's sweet reunion story.

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