06/09/2014 03:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Female Reporter Barred From Court For The Crime Of Having Bare Shoulders

Benjamin Zack / Standard-Examiner / AP

A sleeveless blouse seems like a pretty harmless wardrobe choice for a summer day, but not according to security in one Utah courthouse.

Ogden Standard-Examiner reporter Morgan Briesmaster recently showed up to cover a trial, and security told her she couldn't enter the courtroom in her attire.

The offending outfit? A sleeveless blouse with a high neckline that looks pretty professional in our opinion.

reporter barred

The Standard-Examiner reported that Briesmaster's colleague covered the session while she waited out in the lobby and then they went back to the newsroom during a break for something to cover her shoulders. She returned to the courtroom in a winter coat because it was the only thing they could find.

State courts public information officer Nancy Volmer told the newspaper that while there is a dress code, the incident seems "unusual," while other reporters said they have seen "worse" violations than a sleeveless blouse in the courtroom.

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