06/09/2014 01:12 pm ET Updated Jun 13, 2014

Fox News Host Questions Whether Falling Asleep At The Wheel Is Always Reckless

Tucker Carlson seemed unaware Sunday that falling asleep at the wheel is considered reckless driving.

On Sunday's "Fox and Friends," Carlson was discussing the massive crash that killed one person and injured four others, including comedian Tracy Morgan, over the weekend. A Walmart truck driver is accused of falling asleep at the wheel and driving his rig into Morgan's limo bus.

The driver allegedly hadn't slept in 24 hours before the crash.

Attorney David Schwartz told Carlson and his co-hosts that the driver, who has turned himself in, could face 5 to ten years in jail for falling asleep, which is an act of reckless driving in New Jersey, and killing someone.

“I’m not trying to take anything away from the tragedy of this,” Carlson replied. “But 10 years in jail for falling asleep? It strikes me as very different from taking drugs, drinking. Has that ever happened? Has anybody ever actually gone to jail for falling asleep?”

“For falling asleep and causing a death?” Schwartz asked. “Absolutely.”

Carlson seemed surprised, and later added, “But, I mean sometimes people — and I’m not defending anyone here. I’m really struck by the idea that someone who falls asleep — which is something that everybody does every day, not necessarily considered an act of recklessness — does it unintentionally, nods off is a criminal.”

Schwartz argued that while not "an intentional murder," falling sleep behind the wheel of a 16-wheel truck is "certainly an act of recklessness."

Of course, Carlson might not have researched just how dangerous and deadly sleep deprivation can be — whether or not you're behind the wheel.

(h/t Raw Story)