06/10/2014 10:45 am ET Updated Jun 10, 2014

Here's What The 'OITNB' Cast Really Think About Each Other

The sophomore season of "Orange Is the New Black" just premiered on Netflix last week and if you haven't found the time to binge-watch the latest installment, we can sum up the second round of prison life in three words: even more drama.

The ladies of Litchfield are no strangers to conflict and confrontation -- those pie-throwing incidents are proof -- so this latest off-set news comes as quite the surprise. "OITNB" stars Lee DeLaria and Dascha Polanco, who play Big Boo and Daya, respectively, told HuffPost Live that though their on-screen alter egos have serious problems when it comes to getting along while locked up, off-set, the cast is "one big family."

"I think we all feel at home," Polanco said. "We all accept each other, we all respect each other's opinions and I think we just feel comfortable with one another."

Being comfortable with one another is good, especially considering some of the racy and controversial episodes the cast has had to shoot over the past two seasons -- Warning: You'll never look at peanut butter the same way again after watching this season. But DeLaria said that though the off-set camaraderie helps film those difficult-to-watch scenes, she doesn't think of her fellow actresses as just co-workers. From trips to the pumpkin patch to treks across the Brooklyn Bridge, both actresses admit the cast genuinely loves hanging out together sans orange jumpsuits.

"Honestly, I've been doing this a lot longer than people realize," DeLaria said. "I was on 'One Life To Live' for ten years and we never went out anywhere together. And as a group, we do stuff together because we feel like we're one big family."



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