06/10/2014 05:42 pm ET Updated Jun 10, 2014

For Some Reason, The MLB Just Went All In On A Sing-Along To Taylor Swift's 'Love Story'

Mike Coppola via Getty Images

What does Major League Baseball have to do with Taylor Swift? Admittedly, not much -- at least, not that we're aware of.

That makes Monday afternoon's events all the more remarkable: A handful of MLB teams went all in on what appears to have been an impromptu digital sing-along to Taylor Swift's 2008 hit, "Love Story."

The official @MLB Twitter account started it off with a picture of two baseball gloves resting next to each other on a bench. The image was captioned with the punny phrase, "It's a glove story..."

A mere six minutes later, the LA Dodgers responded, tweeting the opening lines of "Love Story" back at the MLB. From there, the tweets spiraled into a full-blown sing-along, involving witty lyrical additions from nine other teams from around the league:

A "glove" story, indeed.



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