06/11/2014 12:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Teens Reportedly Trying To Have Sex Fall To Their Deaths From 6th-Floor Balcony

Two teens at a party in south London fell to their deaths from a sixth-floor balcony during an intimate moment, local media report.

Samson Oguntayo, a neighbor who witnessed the plunge from the luxury Knights Tower early Wednesday, told outlets the pair was "trying to have sex" and "doing some really dangerous stuff." He said the man, 18, kept lifting the woman, 19, onto the bannister as they moved back and forth.

The couple then tumbled over the balcony.

knights tower sex

The Knights Tower in South London where the fall occurred.

Others who asked not to be identified backed up Oguntayo's account.

Shradha Chaturvedi, who lives on the second floor of Knights Tower, which overlooks the Thames, said she heard a loud noise and a scream, which she initially thought to be a firework, the Press Association reports. When her husband descended to investigate, two men told him, "Don't go there," she said.

Police are reportedly treating the case as a "tragic accident."

Police spokeswoman Helen Millichap told the BBC the two victims attended a local college.