06/12/2014 04:55 pm ET

Barbara Walters Reveals That Clint Eastwood Was The One Who Got Away

Years ago, Barbara Walters sat down to interview Clint Eastwood and it could have been something more.

Walters told Jimmy Fallon Wednesday that Eastwood had hit on her. "He was very flirtatious, and I was very taken. He asked me if I wanted to have dinner... and I said, ‘No, I have to work.’ You know, I don’t mix business with pleasure.”

That was in 1982. "I could've been Mrs. Clint Eastwood!" she exclaimed. Fallon played a clip from the interview, and Walters was pretty flustered.

But that's not all. She added that after all these years, she held out hope that something could happen between them. Walters said that she arranged to attend the opening night of "Jersey Boys," which Eastwood directed, got dolled up, and sat right next to him.

Unfortunately for Walters, however, the spark was not there anymore. "He was just not into me," Walters said.