06/12/2014 02:35 pm ET Updated Jun 17, 2014

'Breaking Bad' Star Dean Norris' High School Yearbook Photo Is All About His Male Perm

Clay High School Minuteman / SJCPL

For some reason, we have an obsession with unearthing embarrassing photos of our favorite TV stars. Maybe it's because it makes them seem less like Hollywood gods and more like average Joes. Or maybe we just derive pleasure from inflicting pain on undeserving stars. Whatever the reason, these newly-surfaced photos of a young Dean Norris are fulfilling our addiction for a little good-natured celebrity scrutiny.

Thanks to the crafty and hard-working journalists at the Indianapolis Monthly, a younger, hipper and decidedly more curly version of our favorite DEA agent now exists online. The photos, dug up from the archives of Norris's former high school haunt, show Uncle Hank in his groovier younger years. From wearing drag in a school play to proudly displaying his fully permed mullet and shredding some Queen on his guitar, Norris looks like the typical high school jock we all would've wanted to be friends with.

Dean Norris Yearbook Photos

The monthly decided to release the yearbook photos after inquiries to the "Breaking Bad" star's publicist went unanswered. "We pleaded with folks in the network’s publicity department, who tried shaking Norris’ tree on our behalf. "Nothing," the article stated. "In the end, Norris’s people big-timed us." They hope the photos of Norris will teach other hard-to-reach celebrities a little lesson.

But, ultimately, everything was done in good fun and Norris proved it when he responded to the article through his Twitter account.



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