06/12/2014 09:46 am ET Updated Jun 12, 2014

Does Feminism Have A Class Problem?

MARK RALSTON via Getty Images

Welcome to The Curve, where feminists talk economics. Twice a month at this site, we will feature a roundtable on a topic of feminist concern, with Kathleen Geier as your host. The Curve’s editors—Betsy Reed, Sarah Leonard, and Emily Douglas—began this project with Kathleen because we have long been frustrated by two phenomena.

One is the way in which women’s voices are so frequently sidelined in economic debates. Our voices are few and far between in the economics blogosphere. It’s striking that almost none of the reviewers of Thomas Piketty’s groundbreaking Capital in the Twenty-First Centurywere women. And as Media Matters recently showed, women are rarely invited to discuss the economy on cable news.

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