06/12/2014 08:00 am ET

The 11 Strangest Things People Ask From Flight Attendants

They've seen breast pumping and booger picking. They put up with travelers who perform yoga in the galley and change diapers on the tray table. Sometimes, people treat them like their own personal bartender.

It's a wonder our flight attendants don't hate us yet... especially when you consider all the crazy things we ask of them.

In her online series "Confessions of a Fed-Up Flight Attendant," a stewardess writing as "Betty" describes the 11 weirdest things passengers have ever asked for during flight. Starting with the scariest:

1. A cup and lid, a straw, and a knife
Random request, but not too bizarre. However, the passenger's reason is downright terrifying: "I need to make a catheter."

2. Inhalers
Can't they just use the oxygen mask?

3. Clearasil
Would Neutrogena be acceptable, sir?

4. Screwdriver
..."to take the seat apart," the passenger said. THIS is why we have security.

5. Pen
Seems fine, right? But the passenger asked, "Do you have a pen? I need to clean my ears.” NOT FINE.

6. Hemorrhoid cream
No. Just no.

7. Toenail clippers
Only if you organize your shavings neatly into the barf bag.

8. Tweezers
The passenger actually followed up with: “I fell into a plant before getting on the airplane and need to get the thorns out of my butt.”

9. Deodorant

10. Diapers
This is a BYO situation.

11. Sleeping pills
If it'll make you stop asking for all these wackadoodle items, then sure. Take the sleeping pills.



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