06/12/2014 01:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

White Supremacist Fliers Found In Colorado Ask 'If You Are Fighting For The Right Side'

Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Police are investigating white supremacist promotional materials that were found by soldiers at Fort Carson, Colorado, the Army Times reports.

Images of fliers found in the town were posted to Reddit earlier this week.

(Photo: Reddit user jhb2wr, via imgur)

The Army Times reports:

A Reddit user who describes himself as a paratrooper, jhb2wr, posted to Reddit saying he and some other paratroopers “found about a dozen sealed plastic bags blowing around Fort Carson with this flyer and a CD inside.”

Reddit users responded, urging the soldier to turn the flyers over to authorities and not to put the CD into a computer for fear of computer viruses.

This isn't the first white supremacist incident in Colorado. Earlier this year, a candidate with white supremacist ties dropped out of a Republican race for the Colorado House, and in April 2013 a white supremacist linked to the killing of Colorado Corrections Director Tom Clements was arrested.

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