06/13/2014 09:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Are The Best Parts Of '22 Jump Street'


"22 Jump Street" isn't just the year's best sequel thus far, it might be the most self-aware follow-up film in the history of cinema. This thing's got jokes and gags from beginning to end, and even through the credits. "It definitely helps to let the audience know that you know what they know," co-director Chris Miller told HuffPost Entertainment of the meta commentary on movie sequels that pervades the narrative. "That's nice and it lets them feel like they're part of the club." With "22 Jump Street" out in theaters now, everyone can join the club. Ahead, the four most effective parts of the summer’s second funniest film. (Sorry, "Neighbors" still rules.)

Everything Jillian Bell Says

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Some people might know Jillian Bell from "Workaholics" or her supporting parts in "Bridesmaids" and "The Master." For everyone else, "22 Jump Street" will be their first exposure to the young actress, and, wow, it is quite an impression. Bell simply steals all her scenes in "22 Jump Street," whether that means ripping on Jonah Hill's Schmidt for being old, or -- as "22 Jump Street" hits its raucous third act -- participating in the film's physical comedy highlight. Here's how funny Bell is: In the "22 Jump Street" red-band trailer she has one of the best lines ("You look old as shit to be here"). Not only is that dialogue not in the finished film, but even if it were, the joke wouldn't crack a top-10 list of her best zingers. We are living in Jillian Bell's America now. Welcome.

Channing Tatum's Chemistry With Wyatt Russell

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So much has been written about Channing Tatum's chemistry with Jonah Hill in the "21 Jump Street" franchise -- no, really, these two even got on the cover of Entertainment Weekly -- but let's pour some out for Tatum and Wyatt Russell. The son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, Wyatt Russell looks a little like Owen Wilson (he's Fauxen Wilson, as one of our friends called him after seeing the film) and he carries himself with a similar laid-back demeanor. It's a personality that matches well with Tatum, who imbibes Jenko with the dumb-jock sincerity of a big puppy dog. Russell's so good that you almost want Jenko leave Schmidt for a lifetime of bro hugs and beer drinking with his new pal. He's the Ralph Bellamy of dude friendships.

Ice Cube's Text Messages To Jonah Hill

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Ice Cube's Captain Dickson gets a major arc in "22 Jump Street," and part of it involves him sending threatening text messages to Schmidt. He uses emojis. Shoshanna would approve.

The End Credits Should Get A Best Picture Nomination

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No spoilers, but if the "22 Jump Street" end credits take home Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 2015, don't say we didn't warn you. The credits sequence is the funniest comedy kicker since the guys in "The Hangover" looked through their digital camera. Here's why: It takes the film's running meta commentary on movie sequels to a logical conclusion that is both riotous, depressing and just too real. Sometimes critics can be snarky and write that the best part of a movie was its end credits; with "22 Jump Street" that's not only true, but a huge compliment.



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