06/13/2014 11:47 am ET Updated Jun 13, 2014

Furious Pete, Former Anorexic, Wolfs Down Chipotle Burritos Like They're Made Of Air

Furious Pete, a former anorexic turned competitive eater and bodybuilder, doesn't eat burritos like you and I. He inhales them like a Hoover with teeth.

Watch above as Furious Pete, aka Peter Czerwinski, consumes two Chipotle burritos in about 25 and 19 seconds respectively. The camera cuts away between attempts, so we don't get a sense of how much time elapsed between them, but the feat is still pretty impressive. And the video has been clicking nicely since it was posted June 11.

In November, the Toronto-born F.P. posted a video of himself eating a 12-egg omelet -- stuffed with a pound of steak and hash browns, plus six buttermilk pancakes -- in under 20 minutes. The best part is watching the amazed waitstaff gape at Pete when it becomes clear he's going to complete the challenge to earn a free breakfast.

According to the synopsis of a documentary about him, Pete was hospitalized with anorexia in 2002 at age 16. He then began to pump iron and "eat more normally" to reach a more robust weight. After discovering at a breakfast with friends in 2007 that he could pack away obscene amounts of food, he eventually turned to competitive eating. His greatest caloric intake in a day is 25,000, the Toronto Star reported.

(Hat tip, Elite Daily)