06/13/2014 11:22 am ET Updated Jun 13, 2014

TV Studio Attacked By Anti-World Cup Protestors

Protestors in Brazil pelted ITV's World Cup studio with rocks during the opening game on Thursday.

Demonstrators in Brazil have gathered to protest the World Cup costing $11.3 billion while many Brazilians lack basic social services. The ITV studio on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janiero saw the discontent firsthand.

ITV host Adrian Chiles told viewers that he was in the studio with the other commentators when the attack started.

"This demonstration materialized about 10 minutes before the end of the game,” Chiles said. “We were all sitting up here and then suddenly sharp clattering sounds started greeting our ears. That was them pelting the glass of our studio and other studios around here. We did try to explain to them that none of this is our fault at ITV Sport."

He added the police were on the scene, and continued with the broadcast. The rocks left cracks in the studio's glass windows:

ITV wasn't the only media organization that got caught up in the protests. A CNN crew was injured Thursday when police fired tear gas and stun grenades into a crowd.

(h/t the Guardian)