06/13/2014 01:05 pm ET Updated Jun 13, 2014

Matt McGorry Strips In Completely 'Not Fake' 'Magic Mike 2' Audition Tape

Matt McGorry doesn’t get many chances to show off his former body-building physique as Officer Bennett on Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black.” Luckily, the folks at CollegeHumor "found" his totally real (ahem) audition tape for “Magic Mike 2.”

In the video McGorry shows off his acting chops as a Starbucks barista, a fire fighter, a doctor and a cab driver -- all of whom remove their clothes and dance for one reason or another.

Check out the video above to get a glimpse of McGorry’s dance moves and his comedic abilities. What more could you ask for?

(Hat tip, People)