06/13/2014 06:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Milkshake The Confused Cow Has An Identity Crisis, Thinks She's A Dog

Milkshake isn't your average bovine -- that's because she doesn't think she's a cow.

Four years ago Milkshake was removed from an abusive owner by The Grace Foundation, a California rescue organization. The rescue workers noticed she felt more comfortable around dogs.

Beth DeCaprio, executive director of The Grace Foundation, told CBS Sacramento that Milkshake had never really been with other cows before her rescue, and as a result, has a bit of an identity crisis.

"She hung out with the dogs, so I think that's what she assumed -- that's what she is, more than a cow," DeCaprio told CBS.

Milkshake bonded instantly with DeCaprio as well, and is now happiest following her around or trying to climb into her car along with their canine friends.

"When Milkshake first arrived at the ranch she didn't even know what grass was," DeCaprio told The Express. "Milkshake is still not convinced she is a cow and has never been a fan of grazing."

Naturally, she prefers eating out of a bowl.

This confused cutie has captured the attention of the media and the hearts of viewers worldwide. We almost hope she never works through her identity crisis because it's pretty doggone adorable!

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