06/13/2014 11:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Vibrant New Orleans Woman Hosts Final Party In Style

Way to go out with style.

A deceased New Orleans woman's daughters threw her a funeral that they arranged to reflect her vibrant life.

Miriam Burbank, who her daughters call Mae Mae, was propped up in a chair with a "case of Busch beer... a menthol cigarette in her hand, and a disco ball flashing overhead," WGNO reports.

Her girls said mom was always full of life, so they wanted the funeral to reflect that. Funeral home directors at Charbonnet Funeral Home helped them throw their mother's final party.

A crossword puzzle and Saints helmets were also featured on the table where the woman's body was seated, according to WTVR.

She was also dressed in black with a gold scarf -- the football team's colors -- and had her finger nails painted to match.

Burbank’s daughters said other family members enjoyed what they did with the funeral.

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