06/13/2014 03:02 pm ET Updated Jun 17, 2014

This Shark Really Doesn't Want To Get Its Photo Taken

If you're filming a shark underwater, the last thing you want it to eat is your camera.

But off the coast of New Zealand, that's almost what happened to the guys from 360heros. The team, which recently created cameras that allow easy 360 degree filming, decided to plunge into the ocean with their crew.

Using one of their patented camera holders, equipped with 6 GoPro cameras and underwater "scuba domes," the team was expecting to grab a unique look at life in the deep blue. Instead, they got a visit from one of the oceans' most intimidating predators.

As the cameraman held the pole attached to their 360 camera, an 18-foot great white came into the screen, opened its mouth and bit the camera off the end of the pole. It quickly spun into pieces and fell into the depths of the ocean.

The group is now offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who finds the gear, camera and memory cards.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post identified the shark in the video as a female. It is male.