06/13/2014 11:46 am ET Updated Jun 13, 2014

8 Weird And Wonderful Wedding Superstitions

Today is Friday the 13th, day of a million superstitions. For the (endearingly) paranoid among us, today is a day to steer clear of black cats and ladders and to avoid making any potentially life-altering decisions. But Friday the 13th isn't the only time people get superstitious: For centuries, folks around the world have been cautioning engaged couples against marrying on a Saturday, or choosing a pearl engagement ring in order to avoid years of bad luck in marriage. Below, learn about eight of the most surprising wedding superstitions from around the world.

  • Wearing a veil protects the bride against evil spirits.
    <br>Or <a href="" target="_blank">so believed the ancient Greeks
    Bridgitte Veil from Serephine Shop

    Or so believed the ancient Greeks and Romans -- and to this day, brides follow the tradition.
  • Never give a pearl engagement ring.
    <br>The shape is thought <a href="
    Photp by Aaron Delesie on Snippet and Ink

    The shape is thought to be bad luck because it resembles a tear.
  • An older, unmarried sister must dance barefoot at her younger sister's wedding.
    <br>Or<a href="
    Photo by Heather Waraksa on Snippet and Ink
  • Never marry on a Saturday. 
    <br>It's the unluckiest day of the week to wed, <a href="
    Meegan Weaver Photography on DIY Bride via

    It's the unluckiest day of the week to wed, according to English folklore.
  • The marrying couple should never see each other before the ceremony.
    <br>So skip that "<a href="
    Photo by Jana Marie Photography on Wedding Chicks

    So skip that "first look" session! Superstitious folks believe that seeing each other might give the couple an opportunity to change their minds about marriage.
  • Never give a knife as a wedding gift.
    <br><a href="" target="_blank">They symbolize bad luck and broke
    Beech Wood Cake Serving Set from BHLDN

    They symbolize bad luck and broken relationships. If you receive a knife from a guest, give the giver a penny -- that way you've "purchased" the knives and they're no longer a gift.
  • Steer clear of nuns and monks on the big day.
    <br>A bride who passes one of these religious figures <a href="" t
    Photo by Gabe Aceves on Southern Weddings

    A bride who passes one of these religious figures is said to be cursed with a life of infertility and poverty.
  • Skip the peonies.
    <br><a href="" target="_blank">They
    Photo by Jodi Miller Photography on The Brides Cafe

    They symbolize shame. (Yes, we're shedding a tear over this one!)

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