06/16/2014 03:08 pm ET Updated Jun 16, 2014

Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal Thinks Obama Should Have Congress Vote On Iraq

President Obama announced on Friday that he would be making a decision "in the days ahead" regarding military action in Iraq, but Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D - Conn.) thinks the determination should involve a congressional vote.

"He should seek a vote if he contemplates any involvement," Blumenthal said in a HuffPost Live interview on Friday. "And I mean any involvement or prolonged military forces there [in Iraq]."

The senator, who supported Obama's 2010 plan to withdraw troops, thinks the U.S. should "definitely stay out" of Iraq in spite of ISIS' recent attacks north of Baghdad.

"The crisis or the current situation in Iraq is the result of the regime's own failings," he said. "The Maliki regime has failed to be inclusive. It has relied on sectarian divisions, and the crumbling of its army reflects those failures in governance."

Blumenthal said that despite his opposition to significant military action in Iraq, he would like to hear concrete options from Obama on how he plans to proceed.

"What we need now is specific proposals from the president," he added. "And I would oppose any prolonged and active military engagement."

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