06/16/2014 04:49 pm ET Updated Jan 26, 2018

10 Signs Your Relationship Is As Good As Over

How do you know your relationship is over? In a general sense, most of us can agree it's when the bad experiences with your significant other start to outweigh the good.

Still, there's often one single moment that signifies the end of a relationship -- whether or not we recognize it at the time. On Saturday, Redditors on the Ask Reddit board shared the moment they realized their relationship had run its course. Check out what they had to say below.

1. Your number one source of stress is your significant other.
"Being with your S.O. should be something that takes away stress, but over the course of a year, my S.O. became my number one cause of stress."

2. You can't see yourself being with your S.O. for the long haul.
"We were at a wedding I was in, and multiple times this thought passed through my mind: 'This will never be us.' It wasn't even a question, it was a certainty. It was scary as hell. He noticed something was off, I eventually talked about how I was feeling, and it came out that while things were great right now, we both wanted something different down the road. We called it off and have been on great terms ever since, but damn... that moment. At a crossroads with one way leading to denial and the other leading to the terrifyingly unfamiliar."

3. There's a breakdown in communication -- and that's OK with you.
"I knew it was over when I started genuinely forgetting to talk to him and would barely think about him anymore. I had just started university and he was in his final year. We'd been together almost three and a half years but we were at different points in our lives. I knew I would end things eventually -- it's just actually doing it which is the hard part."

4. You're happier alone than with your partner.
"When not being with her made me happier than being with her. Once I had been away for long enough that the hormone blinds on my eyes peeled away, I finally saw all the red flags clearly for what they were and kicked myself for being such an idiot."

5. You are your partner's sounding board -- and little more.
"My ex started being incredibly negative all the time. All she wanted to talk about was how mad she was about this or that or how annoying her parents were. Normally that'd be OK, but it was all she wanted to talk about eventually. One day while texting her I tried to express how I felt about her being such a downer and she replied back, 'Did you just break up with me over text message...?' Wow, that wasn't my intention, but I looked back over the fairly long message and what do you know? I had kind of ambiguously broken up with her. I send back 'Do you want me to call you?' and I never heard from her again."

6. You think about breaking up.
"From my experience, when breaking up crosses your mind, you know it's time to give up."

7. Your partner tries to corral you away from your family and friends.
"My mom and S.O. didn't get along. After constant nagging for about two years about how bad of a person my mother is (she is a fantastic mother and a great person), my girlfriend asked me to delete my mom off Facebook and cease communication. I literally had to have family life separate and I am a very family-orientated person. I couldn't even think of bringing up a kid in an environment like that."

8. Your S.O. constantly threatens to end it.
"When she threatened to leave me just to win an argument over something utterly petty. Again and again."

9. You feel like an option in your S.O.'s life.
"It was over when I realized he literally couldn't care less if we were together or not. He was just keeping me around because I was 'convenient.' I still waited around, though, hoping he'd start to actually care about me."

10. When it comes to how you live your life, your partner is firmly in the driver's seat.
"I knew we were done when realized I was no longer myself. I used to be outgoing, had lots of friends, smiled and laughed all the time. Then I moved to another country with him and wasn't allowed to talk to my best friends because they were friend with one of my exes. During the weekends he went out partying, while I sat at home because I didn't want him to think I was hitting on other guys while we were out. When I realized I had been crying and fighting every day for two months straight I decided that enough was enough."

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