06/16/2014 07:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Get A Massage In The Ocean At The New One & Only Hayman Island

If this isn't the dream, we don't know what is.

At the soon-to-be-opened One & Only Hayman Island, you can get this insane-looking massage, aptly titled "Ocean Dreaming."

The resort is on a private island off the coast of Queensland on the Whitsunday Islands, which are basically paradise on earth.

Oh, did we mention that your appointment time is subject to the tides? And, oh, that you MUST wear a bathing suit and that they slather you with sunscreen before you recline into pure, oceanic bliss?

The resort opens July 1 and we want to go STAT.

So how much does the 90-minutes of bliss run? AUS$400 or roughly $375 USD. While that seems steep, we'd probably pay buckets of gold for this happy time.

one and only

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resort happiness

Have you collapsed in a puddle of your own sadness that you're not there right now? Yea, us too.



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