06/16/2014 09:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Grand Budapest Hotel Got The (Very Impressive) Lego Treatment

Lego enthusiasts and film obsessives might make for fitting bedfellows, so it's only appropriate that a Wes Anderson-loving Lego builder made a splash online over the weekend.

Days after demonstrating his efforts in a YouTube video, Ryan Ziegelbauer, a 34-year-old Lego aficionado from San Diego, California, unveiled a 7-foot-tall replica of the Grand Budapest Hotel in Los Angeles this past weekend. Leading a team of 10 designers, Ziegelbauer crafted the model across 575 hours with more than 50,000 Lego blocks. It will be on display at the Architect and Design Museum in LA through August. Breakout actor Tony Revolori, whose first starring role was Zero Moustafa in "The Grand Budapest Hotel," was on hand for the unveiling.

"I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan and we decided this was the perfect building to build," Ziegelbauer said, according to USA Today. "It's a Victorian-style building with lots of details and an amazing pink color. As a Lego designer it's cool because it's a color we haven't used before."

All these Legos need is some Futura, a handwritten note and Bill Murray.

grand budapest hotel

grand budapest hotel

grand budapest hotel



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