06/17/2014 03:14 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2014

Bear Shows Up To Baseball Game In Alaska, Delays Play (VIDEO)

Rain delays? That's cute.

In Juneau, Alaska, it's bears that postpone baseball games.

During last Sunday's American Legion match pitting West Anchorage against Juneau, both teams were surprised when a sizable black bear appeared in the bushes just past the outfield. According to KTUU, the fuzzy fellow appeared during the fifth inning and was immediately heralded as a "bad news bear."

"The bear ... was just hoping to find some peace and quiet," writes Archipelago Webcasting, which posted a video of the incident on YouTube. "The game was halted until we were sure what the bear's intentions were."

Joked one commenter on YouTube, "It's a scout from the Chicago Cubs organization."

As with rain delays, the players had no choice but to grin and "bear" it.

WATCH the unbearable delay, above.