06/17/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Jun 20, 2014

11 Foods You Should Never Put In The Freezer

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Whether it's keeping food in the refrigerator that doesn't belong there or putting the wrong things in the microwave, misconceptions about preparing and storing food are widespread. The result: Moldy onions, flavorless tomatoes and kitchen explosions, to name a few.

But the refrigerator and the microwave aren't the only sources of common kitchen mistakes -- the freezer is also somewhat misunderstood. Yes, you can freeze just about anything (and we could all probably cut down on food waste by freezing more). Some things, however, are virtually unrecognizable once they've been frozen and thawed. In other words, you can freeze whatever you want, and use these foods frozen, but some foods don't hold up after being defrosted.

Here are 11 things you should not keep in the freezer.

Freezing food is a delicate matter. No matter what you're freezing, make sure to use it within nine months or so (yes, that means cleaning out your freezer), and also make sure to defrost it correctly. Most food requires adequate time for defrosting; a slow thaw typically yields the best results. You should also be mindful of cooling dishes completely before freezing them, and storing them in freezer-safe containers.

Foods You Shouldnt Keep In The Freezer

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