06/17/2014 03:03 pm ET Updated Jun 17, 2014

Joe Biden Shows U.S. Team Their Nation Loves Soccer, Promises Drinks After World Cup Win

Drinks are on Biden!

Following the U.S. Men's National Team's thrilling 2-1 win over Ghana on Monday, Vice President and noted soccer fan Joe Biden paid a visit to the team's locker room to offer his congratulations -- and the promise of future drinks.

"This is a kick, man!" Biden said while shaking hands with the players.

Defender DaMarcus Beasley giddily showed the VP a coin he had kept from an earlier meeting with Biden, one that apparently entitles the bearer to a few cold ones (Biden himself is a teetotaler).

"Hey man, any time you want to collect! I owe you," Biden told Beasley. "Give me a call, man!"

Attending the game with his nephew and granddaughter, Biden also assured the team that Rosalba Ciarlini, governor of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, was rooting for for the U.S. the whole time.

"[She] made no bones about it! We were sitting next to the vice president of Ghana!"

Biden also took a moment to share a secret handshake with goalkeeper Tim Howard (affectionately known as "Timmy" to the VP):

In addition to watching the U.S. squad nab their first victory of the tournament, Biden (who was initially referred to as "The U.S. President" by British ESPN commentator Ian Darke) is in Brazil to help mend U.S. relations with President Dilma Rousseff in the wake of last year's NSA spying scandal.



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