06/17/2014 04:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mother Of Gay Son Thinks Mormon Church Should Stay Out Of Same-Sex Marriage

The recent controversy over Kate Kelly, the Mormon activist who may be excommunicated for publicly challenging church doctrine, sparked a conversation at HuffPost Live about where the Church should stand on the issue of gay marriage.

Judy Dushku, an active Mormon and the founder of Exponent II, an open forum for Mormon women, spoke with HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani about why she disagrees with the Mormon Church's stance on gay marriage. Her reasoning is a more personal one.

"I have a gay son. I’ve been very open about the fact that I don’t believe my church has the right to dictate to people throughout the United States what their policies and their attitudes should be about same-sex marriage," Dushku said. "I also disagree about some of the theological arguments. For example I think that same-sex marriage and more GLBT rights and the protection of GLBT families would actually strengthen families in our society."

Dushku added that while the Church disagrees with her stance on gay marriage, she has never felt like she couldn't voice her opinions.

"I’ve played a very active participatory role in my church here in Boston," Dushku said. "No one has ever told me that I’m not allowed to say what I believe."

Watch the full segment on excommunication and the Mormon Church below:



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