06/18/2014 03:59 pm ET

Catholic Nun Kisses Pig For School Fundraiser: Sister Helen Puckers Up!

Sister Helen Hermann is the principal of Seton Academy in Plattsburg, New York-- but yesterday she had to perform a duty that certainly wasn't in her job description.

The sister, along with two other teachers, had to kiss a live pig on Field Dayafter students raised about $1,000 in less than a month for the Catholic school.

The amusing event was captured on video, with Sister Hermann, Mrs. Verkey, and Mrs. Wylie all puckering up to the the little pig.

Sixth-grade student Kent Vacarro told WPTZ News that the event wasn't that out-of-character for the jovial nun. "She's a funny person. She's a principal so she has order but she's definitely nice when you get to know her."

Hermann has no regrets about her smooch. "We've had successful fundraisers but this one has been real morale booster -- especially at the end of the year when people are getting kind of tired," she said.



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