06/18/2014 04:35 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2014

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate's Campaign Manager Resigns Over Sexist Tweets


New Mexico Attorney General Gary King's gubernatorial campaign manager resigned only a day after being hired after belittling comments about women from his Twitter account were exposed.

Steve Verzwyvelt was hired to manage King's campaign against Gov. Susana Martinez (R). King announced his resignation after the conservative Washington Free Beacon published a selection of his tweets.

King said he had been unaware of Verzwyvelt's comments, according to the Associated Press.

"While they were his personal views, Mr. Verzwyvelt's comments were, nonetheless not up to the standards of what I expect from my employees and in direct conflict with my own beliefs of tolerance, respect and decency," King said in a statement.

Though access to Verzwyvelt's Twitter account has been restricted, the Free Beacon story includes screenshots with tweets reading "Just got eye banged by a big girl. That’s my signal that’s it’s time to go" and "Fat girls should not wear bikini's! #spisspringbreak2012."

Verzwyvelt told the Free Beacon his account had been hacked in the beginning of 2012, though many of the tweets in question were from 2011.

Local Democrats criticized Martinez and called for her to apologize after Mother Jones released recordings in which she and her aides used words like "bitch" to describe political opponents.

King won the Democratic primary to challenge Martinez on June 3.



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