06/18/2014 12:48 pm ET Updated Jun 24, 2014

FBI Crafts 83-Page Report On What Things Like 'LOL' And 'BRB' Mean

If you thought the FBI has better things to do than spend all day creating an 83-page internal version of, you thought wrong.

MuckRock, a site that specializes in filing freedom of information requests, has obtained just such an 83-page document, which was created by the FBI to explain all those crazy acronyms the kids use these days.

The document, which is called "Twitter Shorthand," is literally just a list of nearly 3,000 Internet acronyms and their definitions. Here's one for you: "LOL."

But while it's unclear why the FBI needs to waste resources translating the things like "FWIW," some of them are rather obscure. Take, "BTWITIILWU/BTWITIILWY," which translates to "by the way, I think I'm in love with you." Don't think we'll see members of Anonymous using that one anytime soon though!

We've gone through the list so you don't have to. Here are a few of our favorites.

BEF = best enemies forever/best e-mail friend

BL = belly laughing/bottom line/bad luck

BMT = before my time/basic military training

BRB = be right back

BTW = by the way

DOS = dozing off soon/dad over shoulder/disk operating system

HOH = head over heels/hard of hearing

IFF = if and only if/Internet friends forever/identification: friend or foe

JC = Jesus Christ/Just curious/just chilling

JFK = just for kicks/JF Kennedy/JFK Airport

KIA = killed in action/know it all

LBH = let's be honest/loser back home

LI = LinkedIn/laughing inside

LOL = laugh(ing) out loud

LV = Louis Vuitton/Las Vegas/level

NSFV = not safe for viewing/vegetarians/vegans

OW = other woman/oh, well

PST = please stand tall/pacific standard time

PTB = powers that be/pass the buck/please text back

SD = sweet dreams/secure digital/San Diego

SW = so what?/Star Wars/street worker

TTYL = talk to you later

WMP = with much pleasure/Windows media player

And here's the entire document. We're sorry it's difficult to read.