06/18/2014 07:00 am ET

The 11 Worst Food-Sharing Offenses That One Can Commit

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At some point between the ages of three and six, kids are taught that "sharing is caring." It's an important lesson that can help ensure said child doesn't turn into the worst brat this planet has ever seen -- and it most likely helps keep many playground brawls at bay. But the older we get, the less that motto rings true. Especially when it comes to food.

There's an unspoken understanding that goes with sharing food, but not everyone seems to have gotten the memo. Sharing a plate of fries is fine. Going halfsies on a dessert is great. Even sharing an entire entree can work. But not with just anyone. There are some people that you'll never want to share food with because they just don't get it.

Beware of the 11 worst food-sharing offenders, and be sure to adamantly decline next time they ask if you want to split a meal.

  • 1 The person who cares not about your dietary restrictions.
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    They always ask you to share a plate of bacon and eggs with a side of pancakes even though you're vegan and gluten free. Awesome.
  • 2 The double dipper.
    No, no, no, no, no.
  • 3 The person who eats really fast.
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    So you have to eat really fast too, just to make sure you get your fair share.
  • 4 The person who thinks you're sharing when you're not.
    Benoist Sébire via Getty Images
    "Who said you could eat the fries off my plate??"
  • 5 The finger feaster.
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    You know who we're talking about. It's the person who disregards the fork next to the olive jar and digs in with their fingers. The one who never learned how to use a knife to get food on their fork and so they use their thumb instead. These people probably don't even wash their hands -- just sayin'.
  • 6 The person who tries to make you share RIGHT OFF OF THEIR FORK.
    mediaphotos via Getty Images
    Gross, guys. Limits.
  • 7 The person who insists you don't need an extra plate.
    MIB Pictures via Getty Images
    Because they're trying to help out the dishwasher?
  • 8 The ice cream sharer.
    Robert Daly via Getty Images
  • 9 The person who takes the last, most perfect bite.
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    You know what we mean, the bite that you've been working up to throughout your entire meal. That beautiful bite that sums up everything that was amazing about your dish. And then someone just swoops in and takes it without a second thought. Watch out for those people. They're very, very cruel.
  • 10 The heavy spender who insists on sharing.
    Franek Strzeszewski via Getty Images
    Not all of us want to pay for FIVE appetizers, plus an entree and dessert.
  • 11 The person who ALWAYS wants to share, no matter how much you don't.
    Paul Bradbury via Getty Images
    You might want to unfriend this person. Seriously.

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