06/19/2014 08:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 Air Travel Improvements We'd All Love To See

Gone are the days when air travel felt like a luxurious adventure filled with fancy meals and lots of legroom. These days, unless you're sitting up in first class, flying leaves a lot to be desired.

So it's not surprising that one inquisitive Redditor received more than 9,000 comments after asking, "What would you like to see added to airplane seats to make your flight more enjoyable?"

We've seen the (potential) future of air travel, but before we get there, there must be a way to makeover the simple airplane seat. Below, check out some of the thread's top responses.

1. "USB power ports for EVERY seat" -- YesRocketScience

Many planes offer USB ports and power outlets already, but some still do not. Travelers can check whether the their aircraft offers outlets via SeatGuru or the airline's website.

2. "Families with babies only section... I feel so bad, but I have to get where I'm going, too." -- MonkeyCube
airplane kid

Sitting on an airplane with a crying baby is fun for no one, including the child, but some airlines have attempted to combat this issue by creating "no kid zones."

3. "LEG SPACE" -- TheFeatheredFish

Ah, yes. The coveted legroom. Legroom or "leg space" varies from aircraft to aircraft, and while some airlines are more spacious than others, passengers typically have to pay extra to stretch their legs. Until then, there's always the Knee Defender.

4. "Seats that aren't shaped specifically to cause back pain. Why are they so concave goddammit." -- Serializedrequests
airplane seat

Airplane seats are notoriously uncomfortable. For now, you'll have to take matters into your own hands by bringing a pillow or other DIY lumbar support. Reclining helps in some cases... just be sure you're not on a plane with seats that don't recline.

5. "Headrests that you can mold around your head and neck so you can sleep sitting up and not get a sore neck/fall onto the person next to you. Some planes have them, but they're not great yet." -- Basroberts
airplane sleep

Sleeping upright is synonymous with air travel, but there has to be some way to make it less painful, right? An ergonomically-friendly headrest would be great. Or one with a built-in neck pillow.

6. "Get rid of the seats and replace them with small bunks that induce sleep for the duration of the trip." -- PapaDeltaYankee
airplane seats

Take lie-flat seats. Bunk them. Create rows and rows of air-bunks. #Winning.

7. "Oculus Rift so you can see out of the plane and see the surroundings and look beneath you." -- jadboy20
oculus rift

If Oculus Rift can't make flying fun, nothing can.

8. "Wider armrests." -- reverend_green1
armrest airplane

Fighting for armrest space, especially on a long flight, can be incredibly annoying. The Paperclip Armrest and other space-maximizing designs could solve this issue down the road.

9. "Cup holders. Whenever I get a drink I have to put away my computer or logic games book because the trays are so small. I would like to be able to use the tray while enjoying my beverage." -- The_Sky_Is_Broken

Cup holders on all airplanes are a no-brainer, right? Especially since beverage service in all classes is one of the few amenities left on most flights. While some economy tray tables do have a recessed area for your cup, an actual cup holder would reduce spillage during turbulence and could save you from having to bring down your tray table, which impedes on what little legroom you already have.



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