06/19/2014 02:10 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2014

World Cup's Smoothest Ref Makes Hilarious Recovery From Snubbed Handshake (VIDEO)

The only thing more embarrassing than a snubbed handshake is a nationally televised snubbed handshake.

Exhibit A: Tom Brady's awkwardly unmet high-five, here:

So when World Cup referee Joe Fletcher was snubbed from a handshake with a FIFA official prior to Wednesday's game between Spain and Chile, he smoothly transitioned to the classic "hair-styling" deflection. Here's the thing, though: Fletcher's shaved head requires no styling of any sort. (Awkward.)

A nearby player, who the CBC identified as Spain's Iker Casillas, offered Fletcher a conciliatory back-pat and smile after the missed connection., a Ghana sports website, identified the snubber as Tony Baffour, a celebrated Ghanaian soccer veteran and FIFA match commissioner.

Shortly after the snub, the official, apparently having realized his mistake, returned and shook hands with Fletcher, who responded with a broad smile. GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!

If at first you don't succeed in shaking the ref's hand, try, try again:



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