06/20/2014 12:22 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2014

Judith Miller Is Criticizing The Media's Iraq Coverage. No, Really

Fox News turned once more to former New York Times reporter Judith Miller on Friday for a discussion about how the media is handling the current crisis in Iraq.

Miller might not be the first choice for many people to discuss this topic, given her status as the most prominent symbol of the media's disastrous reporting in the run-up to the Iraq War, but Fox News apparently felt otherwise, asking her on for two Fridays in a row to criticize the media's coverage of Iraq's battle with militant group ISIS.

During her latest appearance, the elephant of Miller's past was an even bigger presence in the Fox News studios, as she took aim at those who have critiqued the media's continued reliance on Iraq War hawks.

"The media still loves to beat up on who was responsible for the Iraq War, and who was to blame for the current controversy...and that is not helpful," she said.

Host Jon Scott agreed with her. "There's nothing you can do about the past," he said.

Miller's fellow pundit Tammy Bruce made it even more awkward when she spoke up for unnamed "reporters" who may have gotten certain things wrong in the past.

"Sometimes the facts that you have...aren't always necessarily going to be perfect," she said. Nobody mentioned the words "Judy Miller" in that context.