06/20/2014 12:55 pm ET

Mika Brzezinski Is NOT Happy She Has To Talk About That Handsome Criminal's Mugshot

Nobody does icy disapproval quite like Mika Brzezinski, and on Friday, she used her skills in that department to great effect as she let everyone know how distasteful she found a certain story she was covering.

The story concerned Jeremy Meeks, otherwise known as the "hottest felon ever." Meeks's smoldering mug shot has been burning up the interwebs for the past day or so, and the "Morning Joe" producers thought this was worth a quick mention toward the end of the show.

Not so Mika.

"I'm going to file this next story under 'stories that my producer is making me do that I don't agree with,'" she sniffed. She then asked her producer, Jen, what the deal was.

"He's a little bit good-looking," Jen said. Mika's reaction made clear that this was not, in her view, an appropriate reason to discuss the matter. She read off the rest of the copy with the air of someone attempting to remove a particularly gross particle from her shoe without dirtying herself. It was all very reminiscent of the Paris Hilton-bashing segment that made her famous in the first place.

Mika did not reveal whether or not she agreed with the consensus that Meeks is very handsome.

(h/t Free Beacon)