06/20/2014 10:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Shelter Dogs 'Rescue' Office Workers From Their Sad, Lonely Cubicles For Lunchtime Walks

Most dog adoption events publicize the poor pups in need of rescuing, but one shelter decided to turn the tables and show that maybe we are the ones who really need to be rescued.

The Human Walking Program, an adoption campaign in Melbourne, Australia, by The Lost Dogs Home, sought to "rescue" some office workers from their day-to-day routine by encouraging them to step outside, go for a walk and make a canine best friend or two.

"Dogs are a widely known stress reliever and companion," Kate Hoelter, general manager of fundraising and communications at The Lost Dogs Home, noted on the organization's website. "We don’t always realize as office workers how many hours we spend cooped up inside rarely getting out. So what better way to spend a lunch break than with a friend who will no doubt take the stress out of your day?"

And the strategy must have worked because, according to the video above, more than 5,000 office workers were rescued, and every dog was adopted.

Here's to rescuing more and more people through canine friendship!

h/t Good News Network

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