06/20/2014 07:42 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 Things We're Happy To Never Have To Do Again

When we asked our female readers age 50 and older about the things they're happy they'll never have to do again, the number one response was -- surprise, surprise -- endure a period. "Seriously, menstruation was the pits. We should just consider that the number one menace and take it from there," said Marcia Edwards Ford. When it came to males, the responses ranged from "listen to my father" to "lay off employees."

But the following nine responses were mentioned time and again by both men and women. Here are the main things those of us over 50 won't miss about being under 50. Have anything to add? Let us know in comments.

Nine things we're happy to never have to do again:

1. Prove ourselves

model on a catwalk
The never-ending popularity contest that goes hand-in-hand with youth is something we're so happy to be far removed from. Reader Mary Ann Gray said she's thrilled she no longer has to worry about trying to fit in, "Learned that lesson ... I'm worth more than that."

2. Attend middle school

middle school
Oh, the drama. The cliques. The raging hormones. A time when the desire to fit in did battle every day with the need to learn. If we'd only been more willing to speak out and be ourselves without fear of being a spaz, maybe the whole experience would have been better. But we weren't and it wasn't. Although high school's no picnic, the middle school years remain in a category all their own.

3. Potty train a toddler (or chase a toddler or feed a toddler)

Chasing a toddler requires the energy of a hummingbird. Indeed one study found that toddlers' constant running around is equivalent to an adult doing 83 rounds in a boxing ring. And potty training? It required an abundance of patience we're happy we no longer have to find. And yet every parent is excited when their little one starts walking and appears ready to ditch the diapers and tackle the toilet. But the process is not an easy one -- and accidents do happen. Did we mention the smell? Oh, the smell.

4. Type a 30-page paper (or any paper for that matter)

typing a paper on a typewriter
Remember memorizing the Qwerty layout? Those were the days! And we're glad to leave them behind. In addition, reader Cindra Harter is happy never to have to study for an exam again. And Sally Winter is glad she never again has to take a two-hour exam.

5. Do a PowerPoint presentation

Apparently this slideshow presentation program proved to be a lot of people's nemesis over the years. Many of you also are happy to be done with office life. Period. Nancy Rose Vance said she is thrilled she never again has to "get up at 6 a.m. on a cold, drizzly morning and go to work."

6. Commute during rush hour

The American commuter spends an estimated 38 hours per year in traffic. Do we miss those days? Absolutely not!

7. Wear pantyhose

woman putting on pantyhose
Although the "New York Times" declared in 2012 that pantyhose are back in style, we're not buying it. With office dress codes becoming more casual in recent years, we're happy to leave pantyhose behind -- and all the runs that came along with them.

8. Teach a teenager to drive

parent teaching teenager to drive
Driving can be exhilarating but it can also be nerve wracking when it's your teenager behind the wheel. So stressful was this experience for our readers that it apparently even caused white-knuckle anxiety among the most serene of you.

9. Worry about a date for prom

Not only are we happy WE don't have to worry about a date, many of us are also relieved we no longer have to worry about our KIDS having a date to the prom.



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