06/23/2014 01:07 pm ET Updated Jun 23, 2014

Watching Almost 11 Minutes Of 'Double Dare' Prizes Is The Best Physical Challenge Ever

Do you remember "Double Dare"?

It was Nickelodeon's trivia game show from the '80s that had kids across America screaming, "I'll take the physical challenge!" Though the show went through different variations including "Super Sloppy Double Dare" and "Family Double Dare," one thing you could always count on was the promise of totally awesome prizes.

What kid wouldn't want Resentel’s Escapade luggage collection, the fun and inexpensive escape from traditional luggage? And who could forget that for easy, economical sailing the choice is Snark!

For a seriously legit trip down memory lane, check out the prize supercut above. We "Double Dare" you.