06/25/2014 10:50 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cloud Proves What Michiganders Have Known All Along: The Mitten State Is One Of A Kind

If someone were looking for a sign of Michigan's indisputable awesomeness, this might be it.

Imagine looking at the sky to see rays of sunlight illuminating a majestic cloud shaped exactly like your home. That's what happened to Sara Edwards, a woman who lives near Atlanta but grew up in Michigan. She was stopped at a red light recently when she looked out the window and was greeted by this sight:

michigan cloud

To anyone who's from Michigan (or has looked at a map), the cloud looks uncannily like the state's Lower Peninsula, which has a recognizable mitten shape.

michigan map

That comes in handy for directions -- chances are, if you ask a Michigander where she's from, she'll point to a spot on her hand.

Edwards grew up in Michigan and her kids were born in Kalamazoo, Mich. In 2008, her husband's job caused the family to move to Georgia. But Edwards still misses home.

"Every Spring I am desperate to watch the Tigers play in Comerica Park and in the Fall I crave a donut from Robinette's Farm in Grand Rapids," she told The Huffington Post in an email.

Edwards sent her photo to Michigan Awesome, a company that sells Michigan products. They shared it on Facebook, where it received 11,000 shares and 19,000 likes, as well as comments from people sharing their own, slightly less impressive photos of of Michigan-esque clouds. Edwards said she has been asking herself why the photo meant so much to people:

I think Michigan's shape is very distinctive and the people are very distinctive. You might see a million clouds a day that look like Iowa, but who can tell? :) Plus, Michiganders are PROUD of their roots. I've lived in four states and have never met people so connected to their home state. So, I think for people like me who live elsewhere, that picture isn't just an uncanny shot, it reminds us of climbing sand dunes, swimming in Lake Michigan, etc. Things only we get about our state. And things I can't replicate here in Georgia.

Well said. Now just keep an eye out for a cloud shaped like the Upper Peninsula, Michigan's northern half -- Yoopers deserve love (and clouds), too.



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