06/24/2014 09:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

18 Inanimate Objects That Understand Our Human Struggles

Life is full of struggles, friends. It's hard waking up every day to be a walking, talking, fully functioning person. So to remind you that you're not alone out there in your daily triumphs and miseries, take a look at these ho-hum pictures of ho-hum things that, bizarrely and unexpectedly, totally represent our human experience.

When someone tickles your neck.

Shoutout to Redditor coakhead for this one.

When you were the tallest kid in elementary school.

When you're fighting for bed covers and losing.

When someone asks who ate all the donuts and they already know it was you.

When you're the third wheel.

When you can't decide what to watch on Netflix.

When your friend told you everyone was wearing their Halloween costume to the party.

When you compare a selfie to a tagged photo.

When you literally can't get out of bed.

When you're wearing a turtleneck.

When you look in the mirror when you're drunk.

When someone stops in front of you on the sidewalk to look at their phone.

When you tell a joke and nobody laughs.

When you sneeze with food in your mouth.

When someone tells an embarrassing story about you.


When you try to put on pants but miss a leg.

When you walk into the door and pretend nobody saw.

When you realize you got weird tan lines.



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