06/25/2014 01:20 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2014

Women Spend Nearly An Hour More On Chores Each Day Than Men

SSPL via Getty Images

While women have made impressive strides towards narrowing the pay gap and shifting the balance in workplace leadership, we're still lagging when it comes to traditional gender roles in the home.

Looking at data from the 2013 Bureau Of Labor Statistics' Time Use Survey, Olga Khazan from The Atlantic determined that women spend an average of 51 more minutes every day on household chores than men. Out of the 10 different categories that the BLS broke "Household Activities" into, women spend an average of 52 minutes every day on "Housework," while men only spend an average of 15 minutes. There also appears to be a large gender gap when it comes to "Food Preparation and Cleanup," with men doing around 19 minutes of such labor each day while women do 48 minutes.

Out of the 10 categories of "household activities," the data indicates that men only dedicate significantly more time to lawn care and maintenance repair than women.

"On an average day, 19 percent of men did housework -- such as cleaning or doing laundry -- compared with 49 percent of women," the BLS reported. "Forty-two percent of men did food preparation or cleanup, compared with 68 percent of women."

As Khazan points out, the housework gap is most troubling when we consider that women spend almost twice as much time as men taking care of children and other family members.

It's about time husbands "lean in" to some laundry.



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