06/25/2014 05:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

One Mom's Plan To Break Her Kid's Picky-Eating Habits

If your child is a picky eater, mealtimes can be a struggle. So how do you get your kid to forgo a slice of pizza in favor of a plate of broccoli? According to writer Caroline Campion, it isn’t as hard as we think.

Campion, who is a mother of a picky eater, explained that in her own experience the easiest way to get kids to try something new is by letting go of strict rules. She told host Josh Zepps that although she was a picky eater as a child, her parents let her come around on her own time.

“My parents were pretty much a little hands-off,” she said. “They encouraged me to try things, but they never force-fed me. They didn’t do any tricks. I think, worst-case scenario, there was always a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the end of the day.”

Campion emphasized that having a laid-back attitude towards food is key to breaking a picky-eater habit and keeping meals enjoyable for the whole family.

“My mother did always find a way to sneak things in,” Campion added. “She didn’t make a big deal out of anything. I think that’s key. When we have drama and strife and pressure and incentives, it gets really fraught and then no one is enjoying the meal anymore.”

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