06/25/2014 02:11 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2014

'Teacher's Lounge' Web Series Debuts With Jim Gaffigan As School Nutritionist, Winemaker

The launch of Thundershorts, the all new, free streaming video site from SnagFilms, is just one day away, and HuffPost Comedy has an exclusive look at the first episode of one its many original series, "Teacher's Lounge" by Ted Alexandro and Hollis James.

The premiere features Jim Gaffigan as the school nutritionist, who happens to make wines that are as delicious as they are racist-sounding. The episode also introduces comedian Jeffrey Joseph as the Dean of Discipline, and the voice of Janeane Garofalo as the PA Announcer.

Take a look at "Teacher's Lounge" above and tune into on Thursday, June 26 for more.