Beyonce, Jay Z Unveil Wedding Video During On The Run Tour

Six years after Beyonce and Jay Z tied the knot, we're just now getting to see a glimpse of their wedding video.

The couple kicked off their joint On The Run tour in Miami on Wednesday, June 25, and footage from their secret wedding ceremony back in April 2008 was projected onto huge screens as they performed a mash-up of "Forever Young" and "Halo."

In the clip, which was captured by fans and uploaded to YouTube and Instagram, we see Beyonce getting the IV tattoo she got in lieu of an engagement ring, as well as the stunning couple exchanging vows at their wedding as Jay Z puts a giant rock on his new wife's finger.

It remains to be seen if the power couple will show more home movies during their tour, but at least now you can really justify shelling out all that money on tickets.



Beyonce & Jay Z