06/26/2014 08:28 am ET Updated Jun 26, 2014

From Poop In The Hallway To Wannabe CIA Agents, Weird Sh*t Happens At The EPA

Oliver Gerhard via Getty Images

There must be something in the water. And, unfortunately, the government agency tasked with keeping it clean appears to be one of the worst affected.

On Wednesday, the Government Executive divulged an email wherein EPA management asked employees to stop pooping in the hallway of its Region 8 Office in Denver. (Yes, apparently this was a problem.)

Sure, the EPA does important work, like protecting air and water quality for millions of Americans, but news of the email's laughably absurd subject regarding "an individual placing feces in the hallway" outside the restroom doesn't exactly make agency employees sound very professional.

The email calls to mind some other bizarre incidents that have occurred at the agency in recent years. What's more ridiculous than a mysterious hallway pooper? How about a food stamp trafficker, a 16-year-old can of soup, and an employee who pretended to moonlight as a CIA agent. We can't make this stuff up.

For your amusement, here are those stories and more:

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