06/26/2014 11:52 am ET

17 Homeless Atlanta Families Finally Find Place To Call Home, Government To Force Them Out

Westend61 via Getty Images

Their children are on the local school soccer team. They serve on the Parent-Teacher Association. Their neighbors admire them and want them to stay. Yet because of a bureaucratic dispute between the city and the suburbs, Friday will be the last day that 17 formerly-homeless mothers and their families are allowed to call the Vine City neighborhood of Atlanta home.

The decision by Fulton County, GA officials to relocate these families would seem to run exactly counter to the purpose of the federally-funded permanent supportive housing program that put Natasha Jones and her son in their cramped but tidy apartment a few blocks from the stadium where the Atlanta Falcons play football on autumn Sundays. But because a county and city that once worked together closely are now at odds over how to tackle homelessness, dozens of once-marginalized people are about to be uprooted.

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