06/26/2014 12:56 pm ET Updated Jun 26, 2014

Everyone Is Hooking Up At The World Cup

Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Apparently, watching soccer is quite the aphrodisiac.

This week, Quartz reported that dating app Tinder has seen a 50 percent increase in downloads and usage in Brazil since the World Cup began.

“The average Tinder user spends more than one hour a day on Tinder, approximately 77 minutes, and that number is up by nearly 50 percent in Brazil since the start of the World Cup,” Rosette Pambakian, a spokesperson for Tinder, told Quartz.

Gay hookup app Grindr has also seen a usage bump in the Brazil marker since early June. Users are opening Grindr 31 percent more often, and are spending 26 percent longer on the app per session.

An estimated 600,000 tourists are visiting Brazil for the World Cup -- and Tinder, it seems, knows no cultural boundaries.

[h/t NY Mag]



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